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The recharge of your vehicle, limitless, faster and sustainable.

Long waits, high prices and pollution are things from the past. battery swapping lets you focus on what really matters.

VI&GO provides a global solution to companies and riders by subscribing to charging stations, swapping and control of removable batteries for electric vehicles.


Sustainable Charging

We reduce emissions and optimize the charging and durability of your vehicle batteries to the maximum.

Intelligent Charging

We optimize the charging of batteries according to the demand and the price of electrical energy.

Resources Optimization

We work with existing batteries on the market as we move towards their standardization.

Modular Design

Modular construction for better transport, configuration and adaptability to any space.

Local Synergy

We bring users and businesses closer to create more sustainable cities with our stations.

Environmentally Focused

Respect for the environment: whenever possible, we prioritize the use of recycled, recyclable and biodegradable materials.


Ignacio Iglesias

Product & Operations

Marta Álvarez

Project Manager

Adrián Marnotes

Finance & Communication



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